September 22th the IDRF Meetup in Moscow, Russia

The Power Of Retail Media. In today's advertising arena, retail media occupies a special place, becoming a key factor in attracting and retaining customers. But what exactly makes it such an effective tool in the hands of marketers? Discover the latest innovations, strategies and key trends in retail media.

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Recap of Past IDRF Events

IDRF_MeetUps_Jakarta_2-1 IDRF_MeetUps_Mexico_1-1 IDRF_MeetUps_Moscow_1-1 IDRF_MeetUps_Dubai_1-1
IDRF_MeetUps_Jakarta_2-1 IDRF_MeetUps_Mexico_1-1 IDRF_MeetUps_Moscow_1-1 IDRF_MeetUps_Dubai_1-1

Past versions of IDRF
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Events we have hosted


IDRF Meetup México 2023: Comportamiento del eCommerce en AL

Durante el International Digital Retail Forum, expertos de la industria del comercio electrónico se reunieron para analizar y aprender de las mejores prácticas y desafíos que enfrentó la industria el año pasado.

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IDRF Meetup Jakarta 2023: Marcas-Minoristas Tak Bergantung pada Tenaga Marketing

Pertemuan IDRF merilis hasil riset dari para pengusaha e-commerce di Indonesia dan 24TTL, pada 19 Januari di Jakarta.

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IDRF Meetup Dubai 2023: Experts discuss how to win customers in a crowded market

A very good example of both is the Mena region, which since 2019, has seen its e-commerce grow faster than any other region in the world (by 18% inter-annual, twice the world’s average)

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Samsung, Epson, Groupe SEB, P&G, Huawei and Reckitt have already been a part of IDRF. Reserve your place, exchange ideas and learn from the top eCommerce experts.

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